big squishy blind box

$62 $78

Introducing our Blind Squishy Box – a delightful surprise packed with an assortment of soft, squishy treasures waiting to be discovered! Each box is a mystery filled with various squishy toys in different shapes, sizes, and colors, offering an exciting sensory experience for squishy enthusiasts of all ages.

From adorable animal shapes to delicious food designs, every squishy in the box is made from high-quality, ultra-soft materials that are perfect for squeezing, squishing, and relieving stress. Whether you're a collector or simply love the soothing sensation of squishing, our Blind Squishy Box promises hours of fun and relaxation.

Unwrap the excitement and dive into the world of squishy sensations with our Blind Squishy Box – because happiness is just a squish away!


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